My birth name is Dwight Calhoun and I am also known as D.C. White, “The Buffalo Soldier.” I was born in a part of the city that most people would consider to be a bad part of New Orleans, but that was not my reality. My mother made sure that I attended the schools that were considered to be the best in New Orleans. She also made sure that I went to the schools where I could develop my love for the arts. That would be my love of music and writing.

After graduating, I moved to California where I continued to educate myself in music. I lived there with my aunt and uncle while I attended college. My uncle was a music producer and we would spend hours talking about different groups and listening to all kinds of music. I would eventually go on to become a radio personality on WMPR Radio, in Jackson, Mississippi.

In the year 2000, I saw a need to educate the youth about their history, so I created a company called History Records and Entertainment. I would take Black History and incorporate it into music so that school children could get interested and begin to understand and gain an appreciation for Black History. This methodology proved successful in educating and keeping children and adults interested and motivated to learn more.

My life long dream is to educate and to uplift as many people as I can through my music, and art and to make their lives an inspiration to others, so here comes the D.C. White Jazz – R & B Nation.


My Newest Single……

Music is my passion. Listen to this single dedicated to my Mom and Mom’s all over the world! Click here!