Helping Hands Agency, Inc.

Personal Care and In-Home Respite Service

485 McLin Circle

Florence, MS 39073

Ph: 601-845-5827

Fax: 601-845-4859

At HELPING HANDS AGENCY, INC., we are dedicated to the health and well-being of the elderly and disabled. Today many families are caring for an aged or disabled family member. Along with careers, family and life responsibilities, this can be a tremendous challenge for the caregiver.
Helping Hands is just that, a helping hand to assist the caregiver with caring for their loved ones---guilt free. We help with everyday life chores while promoting the individual's maximum level of independence; moreover, that the individual may maintain a level of independence and dignity.
Our aides are trained and experienced in working with the aged and disabled. They have been screened for compassion, experience, honesty and responsibility. Our experienced supervisors are in the field and at your disposal for any concerns you may have.
We will arrange a free consultation with information about our services, at which time you may express your questions and concerns. Together we will tailor an individualized program to suit the participant's needs.